Is 'House of the Dragon' Based on a Book? 'Game of Thrones' Spinoff's Origins, Explained


Some fans are skeptical about HBO’s plans to spin off many, many of its original shows. Game of ThronesThe new shows have not been pulled out of thin Westerosi air, however. The prequels will be released in two weeks. House of the DragonThe premiere will be held in October, but the full story can be accessed online right now. Fire & Blood. George R.R. Martin wrote this book. Martin may be the blueprint to many seasons of television.

Martin created Westeros in 1990s. A Game of ThronesHe then intended to make a trilogy. A Song of Ice and Fire. Martin continued to expand those plans, and today he hopes he can finish them. ASoIaF There are seven books in total. The world of Westeros has expanded geographically, chronologically, and culturally over the years. Other than the five currently existing ASoIaF Martin has published three novellas and two ancillary books. House of the DragonThis adaptation is a part of his Westerosi History book Fire & Blood.

Fire & Bloodis an odd creation even in the fantasy literature niche. A recent interview was conducted by The The Game of Owns podcastMartin explained that it all started in 2014 when excitement for Game of ThronesThe show was reaching new heights. In 2011, the fifth season premiered. ASoIaF The first novel was published. However, the sixth novel was not yet complete. Martin’s publisher offered to publish a book with maps while Martin was still writing. Winter’s Winds.

Martin says that Martin began to organize his Westeros notes and wrote blurbs and explanations to help him create the map book. This quickly grew to become its own project: an encyclopedia-style, book called The World of Ice & Fire. Martin enlisted The moderators of a fan-siteTo help him “the World book”You should verify that he did indeed contradict himself. The author admits to having gotten a bit carried away writing new material and fleshing out details for the volume.

Martin had approximately 200,000 words of material left that needed to be deleted. The World of Ice & FireIt could be published at an acceptable size. He retained those writings for a few more years and then re-worked the material into novelettes. “The Sons of the Dragon,” “The Rogue Prince” “The Princess and the Queen.”These stories were originally published in anthologies between 2013 and 2017, but they were later republished together as anthologies. Fire & Blood.

Finally, Fire & BloodIt was published in autumn 2018. The majority of the book’s content is material that has been removed from The World of Ice & FireAll three novelettes are included in the book. This is not a novel. It’s an annotated bibliography. “imaginary history book,”Martin calls it. It is told from Maester Yandel’s perspective, a Westerosi scholar and unreliable narrator. Yandel wrote this book in the reign of King Robert Baratheon, and he used secondary sources as his research.

It’s an extraordinary story with a unique ending. Fire & Blood Starts about 300 years earlier Game of ThronesThe year when the Targaryens conquered Westeros for the first time and united all Seven Kingdoms. The book covers about 130 years of history between then and now, focusing on House Targaryen’s development and royal power. This is an exciting fact, because it suggests that the book could contain the seeds for many shows over the course of history.

House of the DragonThe adaptation of the story from recent years will be the first step. Fire & BloodAbout the third or fourth of the book. It will provide more detail and follow a simpler narrative style than Yandel’s. This may help to answer some questions from the book. Showrunner Ryan Condal told The Hollywood ReporterThis part of the story will be completed by him in approximately four seasons.

Condal hopes HBO will let him adapt additional chapters. Fire & BloodFuture seasons House of the DragonPerhaps he will explore Westeros’ conquest or go back to the Doom of Valyria that sent House Targaryen fleeing Westeros. Martin is currently working on a second volume. Fire & BloodThis will include the history of House Targaryen up until the beginning of Game of Thrones. There could be many more compelling stories, such as the Blackfyre Rebellion Wars.

House of the DragonThe unique relationship between the source material and the author. Fire & BloodWhile it would be intriguing enough on its own, in the context of Game of ThronesIt’s even more captivating. Game of ThronesThe show became famous when it exceeded the source material. ASoIaF Martin had completed it before Martin. This unique collaborative style may be a lasting legacy for TV, literature, and screen adaptations in general.


Fire & BloodIt is now available in digital, audiobook and print formats. House of the DragonPremieres at 9 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 21 ET on HBO Max and HBO.

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