Is Jerry O’Connell On His Way Out Of ‘The Talk’ After His Recent Entry?


This week, the National Enquirer reports Jerry O’Connell “stumbled in a snake pit” when he accepted the offer to replace Sharon Osbourne on The Talk. “There’s a lot of friction Jerry just didn’t see when he was guest hosting, and he doesn’t like working in such a negative atmosphere,” an insider dishes.

“The grind is one thing but Sheryl [Underwood] and Amanda [Kloots] bark at Jerry and treat him like he’s some sort of lackey.”

According to the report, O’Connell just can’t take the bullying anymore. “They’re making wisecracks like he’s on audition while Akbar is treated like a god, and it bothers Jerry. He thinks it’s insulting,” the tipster reveals. But there’s little he can do about it since he’s locked in to finish the season, so he’s venting his frustrations to his wife, Rebecca Romijn.

“Jerry’s whining to Rebecca how sick of this he is already. He can really see why Sharon had such a miserable time,” the snitch spills. “He has a contract that he wants to honor but if it gets to the point where he feels miserable every day that’s when he’ll turn on his heels and get out.”

Finally, the source adds, “He’s not the pushover they think he is. He’s trying his best to put on a happy face and suck it up, but her friends say he’s going to have to try harder is he doesn’t want to look like quitter.”

This story just isn’t true. Ever since Osbourne left the show, things have been pretty light-hearted and drama-free on the show. The tabloid implies Osbourne left because she couldn’t handle the drama, but ignores the fact that she was asked to leave to resolve all the in-fighting on the show.

Ever since O’Connell replaced Osbourne, there hasn’t been a single credible report of any fighting on the show. But if you won’t take it from us, take it from the hosts themselves.

In a recent interview, Underwood and O’Connell talked about the tone of the show. When asked about the recent addition of host Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, Underwood said, “It’s been amazing because we all have so much in common with each other. We have a family atmosphere.”

She even talked at length about her closeness with O’Connell. “Jerry and I, sometimes they have to separate us because we’re having so much fun,” she mused. “But Jerry O’Connell is a rascal. He’s a rascal. He’ll make you laugh so hard; you forget am I supposed be reading this? You’re trying to hold yourself together.”

When asked for his input, O’Connell couldn’t help but agree with Underwood and thank her for being so welcoming when he joined the show. Clearly, the co-hosts are friends behind the scenes, and O’Connell isn’t “walking” from The Talk. It’s obvious this tabloid just misses the drama Osbourne brought to show.

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