Is Locke & Key filmed in the same location? Plus, is Keyhouse real?


According to a report by DeciderMatheson shots were filmed mainly in Lunenberg. Another interesting report by NarcityThe article goes in depth about the Ontario spots featured on Season 2 of Locke & Key.

In Season 2, Episode 1, the storyline focused on the premiere of Kinsey locke’s (Emilia Jones ) film. SplatteringFilmed at the Playhouse Cinema in Ontario.

During an exterior scene in Season 2, Episode 4, Tyler Locke and Jackie Veda (Genevieve Kang), Ontario’s Mill Race Park was used as a substitute for Bath, England. In context, Tyler used the Anywhere Key to send Jackie from Bath during Episode 4.

The same NarcoticsAccording to reports, Kingston Market Square was used in Ontario for photos of Tyler and Jackie’s romantic getaway to Bath. Rockton’s Westfield Heritage Village is another noteworthy Ontario location. This village was used to film interior scenes for the key-making cabin.

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