Is Mike Myers willing to make another Austin Powers movie? He said…


Maybe, baby, maybe.

During an appearance The Tonight Show, Mike Myers weighed in on the possibility of reprising his iconic role of Austin Powers on the big screen. In Interview with Michael O’Neill, Oct. 7,The host Jimmy Fallon asked the actor if he would ever be up for playing the groovy British secret agent, prompting the audience to break into cheers.

“I don’t have anything to announce,”Myers replied slyly. “I can’t confirm or deny that such a project exists.”

He did however, as Dr. Evil would say, throw fans “a frickin’ bone.” 

“Yeah, I would love to do it, of course,”The actor said. “It’s fun.”

Myers, 59, previously hinted at plans for a fourth film, telling E! News in 2018 he’d “love to do it.”

“It’s looking good, it’s just tough, you know, it takes a long time to write the script, you want it to be fantastic,”He shared this information in an exclusive interview. “I have three kids under the age of seven now, you know, [director] Jay [Roach] is just back to back making movies. But we’ve met and, I don’t know, it’s looking good, we’ll see.”

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