Is Selena Gomez Taking Fashion Cues From Chris Evans? Fans Think…


One clue was there? Knives outThis has somehow made it off-screen?
Rumours of a romance between the two have been circulating for the past month. Chris Evans And Selena Gomez have floated around on social media, and fans are convinced the two have secretly begun dating. This past weekend was a fast-forward. Taylor SwiftA cute picture of a kitten was posted TikTokSelena at her side, as she was a picture of herself. It sounds innocent enough, right?!
When the camera panted to the right, the Only Murders in the House star, fans couldn’t help but feel like they’d seen her cozy white cable knit sweater somewhere before—most notably on the actor in the 2019 flick Knives out.
You are now in a frenzy.
“Not Selena and Chris Evans having the same sweater,”One Twitter user Submitted. Yet another Tweet, “UHM, WHY DOES SELENA’S SWEATER REMIND ME OF THAT KNIVES OUT SWEATER WORN BY CHRIS EVANS?” One TikToker uploaded a video featuring the clip of Selena in her cable-knit, followed by a pic Chris wearing his VerySimilar sweater in the film, captioning her Post, “THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE.”