Is Stanley Tucci’s Wife Felicity Taller Than Him? Red Carpet Photos Tell All


Stanley TucciHis wife Felicity BluntThey have been married for ten year now. It was a long journey to reach their present status of happily married bliss. They are the Stanley Tucci: Looking for ItalyStar met Felicity when he was still married with his first wife. Kate TucciThe actress, who died from breast cancer in 2009, was also known as Tucci. Tucci has admitted that he still grieves his first wife, but Felicity has been a support system that he couldn’t have done without. 

When Did Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt Meet?

Strangely enough, Stanley Tucci met Emily Blunt twice through his second wife. Felicity Blunt is Emily’s older sister and works as a literary agent. Emily’s first big break came with her role as a director in Prada is for the DevilShe invited her sister to the premiere. Emily met Stanley Tucci, her fellow scene-stealer and her big sis Kate while she was there. 

Tucci, then a happily married man and proud father of three, was merely polite to his co-star’s sister, and years passed before the two ran into each other again. Tucci and Kate were coping with Kate’s breast cancer which ultimately took her life in 2009.

New Love Arises After Heartbreaking Loss

Tucci attended Emily Blunt’s wedding and John Krasinski’s, which Felicity was able to attend. They fell in love immediately and started dating shortly thereafter. Just two years after reconnecting at Emily and Krasinski’s wedding, Tucci and Felicity had a wedding of their own in 2012.

There’s a clear affection between Tucci and Felicity that’s easy to spot, even in photos. A lot of that ease comes from the hardships the couple has had to go through over the last few years, including Tucci’s three-year battle with oral cancer.

Love is based on Trust and Companionship

In Interview with PeoplePublished earlier in the year, Tucci admitted. “I’m incredibly lucky.”The Hunger Games actor continued, “Felicity’s undying attention, affection, and encouragement got me through it.”

The palpable chemistry between Felicity and Tucci isn’t the only noticeable quality about the couple. In most red carpet photos, Felicity fairly towers over her husband, which might drive some to think that she’s taller than him, but that’s actually not the case.

Who’s Taller: Stanley Tucci Or Felicity Blunt?

While Stanley Tucci isn’t the tallest of men at 5’8”, he still has an inch on his wife, who is only 5’7”. When she’s wearing high heels, however, she gets the jump on her handsome hubby. Judging by the way he can’t keep his hands off her on the red carpet, we don’t think he minds too much. 

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