Is the end of the African Penguin? Climate Change and food shortages may lead to animal deaths


Over the past century, African penguins have seen a dramatic decline in their numbers.

Experts predict that they will disappear in the coming decades with only 2% remaining from the 20th-century population.

“So in the early 1900, there were millions of birds. The latest sensors last year showed that in South Africa we have about 10,000 breeding pairs left which are very, very little. Just 20 years ago, we had over 20,000 breeding pairs on just on one single Ireland, whereas now we have 10,000 breeding pairs in the entire country,” said Dr. Katrin Ludynia, the research manager of the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB), an international body dedicated to seabird rehabilitation.

Factors like oil spills, pollution, and industrial fishing all have an impact on endangered species. Climate change is another contributing factor.  

“For other cases such as injuries, broken legs, emaciation,” SANCCOB Rehabilitation Manager Romy Klusener said. “It really does depend on how strong that birders that has come in. So we can have cases here for about a month, but two months, we’ve even had cases with been with us for over a year.”

It can be difficult work. The penguins of Africa, however, need every help they can get.


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