Is The Responder based upon a true story or fiction? New BBC drama starring Martin Freeman


BBC’s new police drama, The Responder stars Martin Freeman as Chris Carson, an urgent response officer who struggles to maintain his professional and personal head.

Martin Freeman portrays Chris Carson, a police officer, in the BBC One drama The Responder.

The drama begins on January 24th and follows an urgent response officer who is becoming increasingly tired by the demands of consecutive nights in Liverpool.

His personal life was also affected by the crisis. He is now morally compromised in his work.

Chris attempts to keep his head above water but is forced to accept Rachel (Adelayo Adedayo) as his new partner.

Soon, however, they realize that survival in the night-time, high pressure world of night-time will be dependent on their ability to either help or destroy each other.

Is The Responder based in fact on a true story

The Responder is, in summary, based on true events. It was written by Tony Schumacher (ex-police officer, screenwriter, broadcaster)

He has also worked previously as a Liverpool response policeman.

He drew on his own experiences as a police officer to create the drama.

He stated the following in an interview just before the premiere of the show: “I feel that I am The Responder to a degree and that this is my story.

“I was a police responder who was out in the rain at one o’clock in the morning, two in the morning, three in the morning, chasing people up and down alleyways and running over rats. The Responder is within me. It’s written in my script and in my writing.”

The series also explores the “Darkness” of the mental health battles he has had to struggle with in his own life.

He explained: “That element was a paid therapy. It was almost like I had paid for it. Martin was able to play it out on screen, so I had the opportunity to get it down on paper.”

However, there are also lighter elements of the story, making it “Funny”, “Dramatic” and “It’s exciting”.

Tony added: “It’s beautiful and well-acted.”

In the small-screen adaptation, Schumacher is portrayed through the character of Chris Carson, played by Sherlock star Martin Freeman.

Speaking of the role, Martin said: “Tony Schumacher’s scripts were so unique and honest that I knew very quickly that I wanted to be a part of The Responder and take on the role of Chris. Tony Schumacher is a master of script writing and it’s been a joy to live in the world he created.”

BBC executive producer Mona Qureshi said: “The Responder is a unique take on modern policing, and Tony Schumacher gives us in Chris a heartbreakingly honest portrait of a man coming undone by the pressures around him.”

The Responder continues on BBC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9pm, and the episodes will be available on the iPlayer.