Is There an Indiana Jones Curse The Latest Movie is Plagued by Production Issues, Injuries and Death


Is there the Indiana Jones franchise cursed? Production of the fifth movie was marred by injuries, snafus and tragedy. According to one report, Harrison Ford’s final turn as Jones is cursed. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Indiana Jones Curse Strikes Again’

The following is an extract from the Globe, Indiana Jones 5It has been filled with mishaps and tragedy. Still reeling from the tragic death of Nic Cupac (cameraman), who was found in his hotel room, production is trying to come to terms with it. A source says, “He is thought to have died of natural causes.”But the sudden passing is still strange.

Ford was hurt in a stunt that he was performing in June. Production was stopped. The film was delayed once more due to COVID-19, and its production wasn’t met well by Londoners. The film was originally slated for release in July 2022, but now it won’t see the light of day until summer 2023 at least. Insider’s conclusion “Most movies have filming delays, but Indy 5 seems to be cursed.”

What’s Going On With ‘Indiana Jones 5’?

Film releases have been hampered by COVID-19. No Time To Die was completed in 2019 but didn’t get released until this summer. Tabloids had originally tried stocking drama around Daniel Craig and Ben Affleck over the film’s premiere. The movie was so slow to release that Ana de Armas (Affleck) had long since split up. Heck, Maverick: Top Gun still hasn’t come out, and neither has Jackass Forever.

All this is to say Indiana Jones 5 isn’t cursed. It’s just a blockbuster starring Harrison Ford in the 21st century. On the set of, he was injured. The Force AwakensLikewise. The death of a crew member is always tragic, but his death had absolutely nothing to do with the film’s production. This story just wants to capitalize on Cupac’s death with a hackneyed attack on the film itself.

Other Bogus Stories

The Globepeddles death and the macabre. It often exploits celebrities’ deaths for profit. It’s run countless stories about Princess Diana’s death, but those conspiracy theories were debunked long ago. It claimed Robin Williams had been killed by drug dealers. These stories are both outrageously false and disgraceful. It had called for Whitney Houston to die in order to conduct a murder investigation.

This tabloid is lacking in decency. Cupac’s death stunned the crew, but it has nothing to do with some ridiculous curse.

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