Is there something lurking in your couch? There are many items found in different sofas, including a snake, an opossum, and an iPhone.


Imagine a snake-like creature crawling around your couch. It happened to a family from San Diego, California. They were shocked to lift a couch cushion and find a snake.  

Their first call was to snake handler Alex Trajo, from So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal, who rushed to the house and immediately recognized the snake as a Vietnamese Blue Beauty. Trajo believed the snake most likely snuck in the family’s house through an open door or window.

The serpent is intelligent, defensive and strong. However, they can attack, even if they aren’t venomous.   

Ryan and Colleen shelley were another couple that found an opossum to make their couch home.   

Jamie Ryan was cleaning her Craigslist-purchased sofa and felt a lump in her stomach.  

“I had to flip it over and take the staples out,”Ryan spoke to Inside Edition.  

After digging deep into the couch, she found an iPhone.  

“I was like, ‘Holy cow,’”She said. “I pulled it out and it was in perfect condition.”  

The iPhone was buried under the couch for many years.  

Despite the fact that its battery was dead it still worked. Ryan was able locate the original owner.  

“You never know what you’ll find, and this was certainly an experience of a lifetime,”She said.