Is Trina Pregnant? Social Media Users Are Buzzing Around This News


Fans and social media users alike always make famous women’s uteri their business. For some reason, gossiping about whether a celebrity is pregnant is extremely popular. And Trina is now the latest target.

On Oct. 5, 2021, Trina presented the Best New Hip Hop Artist award at the BET Hip Hop Awards. While Trina looked beautiful as always, it appears that her stomach region stole the show.

While donning a silver top and matching high-slit skirt, fans noticed that her stomach area appeared to be strategically covered. As a result, this led social media users to ask if the newly engaged rapper is expecting her first child.

Many fans celebrated Trina’s possible pregnancy by saying that “she deserves it,” while others cautioned users to stop spreading rumors.

You can just never tell for certain if a woman is pregnant, and it can be considered rude to assume. Either way, the rapper has continued to remain tight-lipped about the rumors, despite fans continuing to ask.

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