It’s all too relatable that Ashton Kutcher said ‘I love you’ to Mila Kunis for the first time


One of the most romantic love stories in Hollywood is that of Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis. The That ’70s Show In their youth, the sitcom’s love interest was played by co-stars. However, they didn’t start dating until over a decade after they first met. Kutcher has opened up to Peloton about their early relationship with Kunis in a new video.

Ashton Kutcher Gets on the Treadmill For Charity

Kutcher has been running on the treadmill in partnership with Peloton with a host of celebrities. The new video series is meant to follow Kutcher’s training for the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon this fall. Kutcher will run the November 6th to raise awareness about Thorn, his non-profit which develops technology to prevent children from being sexually exploited online.

“The marathon itself is an elevating opportunity for the work that we have been doing for over a decade with Thorn,”He Recently told Entertainment Tonight. “A chance to show the folks that have been working so hard to make our vision reality, that I’m in it with them and willing to go to the last mile … Every move we make is in consideration of creating scalable outcomes that help children have lives where they can just be kids.”

Ashton Kutcher gets personal with Kenny Chesney

So far, Kutcher has interviewed Kim Kardashian, Natalie Portman, Alex Toussaint, and more with the help of some of Peloton’s top trainers. Kutcher interviewed Natalie Portman, Kim Kardashian, and Alex Toussaint in a recent episode. We chatted with Kenny Chesney (country singer)This is about a moment in his marriage with Mila Kunis. Apparently, shortly after Kutcher and Kunis started seeing each other, he confessed his love to her while listening to one of Chesney’s songs.

“The first time I told my wife that I love her, was while listening to ‘You and Tequila,””Kutcher said it to the singer. “I might have had a little too much tequila,”The actor laughed.

“I showed up drunk at her house, at like two in the morning, and I just started screaming, ‘You and tequila make me crazy,’” Kutcher recalled. “And I told her I love her, and she’s like, ‘Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Are you gonna love me in the morning when you wake up from this hangover?’”

Thankfully, it wasn’t just the tequila: “I woke up the next morning and said, ‘I still love you’.”

Chesney was touched by the actor’s story. “Well, I had no idea that me and Grace Potter were such a part of a really intimate detail for you and your wife,”The singer referred to his duet partner in the song. “You and Grace Potter brought it home,” Kutcher confirmed. “These are fundamental moments in my life.”

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