It’s not even her real name: 70 fascinating facts about Meryl Steep


31. Streep is second among four consecutive Outstanding Supporting Actress Oscar winner with initials “M.S.,”Begin with Maggie Smith1978 was the year of Streep, then 1979 saw Streep’s arrival in 79. Mary SteenburgenIn 1980, and Maureen StapletonIn ’81.

32. She applied for the role of lead in Oliver StoneThe 1989 version of EvitaHowever, she dropped out two months before the shooting. Initially, she claimed that her decision was due to exhaustion. But, later, it was discovered that she was in dispute with her salary. She would eventually take over the role. Madonna in 1996.

33. After being a star in 1990’s Postcards from The Edge, written by Carrie Fisher as an adaptation of her semi-autobiographical novel of the same name, Streep became godmother to Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd when she was born in 1992.

34. Streep was considered early for Ripley’s iconic role as the first AlienCasting was underway. The role, of course, wound up going to her old Yale classmate Weaver. She was still able to contribute to the character. Alien 3It was in production at the time in 1992. Many of the film’s special effects were being made in England after Weaver and his cast returned to the States. Ripley needed a prosthetic cast for some shots. The filmmakers decided to fly Weaver back instead of using a cast of Streep, which had been created for another project.

35. Streep only lost five roles in her career: Dwan King Kong, Michelle Straton in American GigoloPatsy, Cline Sweet Dreams, Miss Kenton in The Remains of the DayElizabeth I Elizabeth.

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