ITV Starstruck fans are baffled at Jason Manford’s sparkly suit


Starstruck is back on ITV, but viewers couldn’t look away from Jason Manford’s suit.

This was the penultimate episode in the series of ITV’s new talent show. Superfans transform into their favorite music stars and sing in front of a panel of celebrity judges.

Saturday night’s celebrity soundalikes tried to imitate Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake in an effort to impress the judges.

Jason, comedian and co-star of SherdanSmith, Beverley knight, Adam Lambert joined them on Saturday (March 26). But Jason’s suit caused quite a stir online.

Manford looked sharp wearing a fancy blue suit with diamante crystals encrusted.

jason manford
Starstruck viewers were stunned by Jason Manford’s suit.

Many of the suit’s fans were eagle-eyed and took to Twitter to discuss it.

One fan wrote: “Why is Jason wearing a motion capture suit?”

The second was: “Is @JasonManford creating a CGI version of himself with the markers on his suit?! #Starstruck.”

A third was also asked: “Why is Jason wearing a motion capture suit? #starstruck”

The fourth agreement was: “why is Jason Manford wearing a 3D capture suit…”

Contestants sang songs by Miley and Lionel Richie.

However, others may have been swooning during the broadcast.

One user wrote: “Jason Manford is a bit hot isn’t he. Something very attractive about him dancing and singing along!”

On Saturday night, No Return actress Sheridan Smith wept over Amy Winehouse’s passing.

Amy and Sheridan were good friends after Amy met them in Camden at the Proud Galleries London Club.

Team Amy’s performance at Rehab brought tears to the eyes of the judge. The judge later said that the trio had moved him to tears. “did Amy proud”.

sheridan smith
Sheridan Smith was devastated by Amy Winehouse’s passing.

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Remembering Amy, Sheridan said: “Girls, you’re amazing. You know I did know Amy and she was so much more than the beehive and the tattoos. She was a beautiful soul, a very misunderstood soul, but with the most incredible talent.

She went on to compliment each of the contestants, Patsy, Emily and Ebony for their performances.

Sheridan added: “That was a great performance tonight. Patsy, you’re the one with the sass. Emily, you’re such an adorable girl. Amy was behind all of the madness.” she added as she celebrated each of the singers in turn, “Ebony, the Sheffield girl: Don’t quit singing, your voice is so good, and Amy was proud of you, so thank-you.”

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