ITV viewers raise two main issues with The Games during its debut


Tonight’s debut of The Games on ITV was a success. Fans raised two major issues with the show. It will air on ITV all week and features 12 celebrities playing a variety sports.

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Holly’s acrobatics are hilariously laughed at by the viewers

ITV viewers highlighted two major issues with The Games tonight as it debuted on ITV.

Twelve contestants were on hand to challenge viewers who tuned in to the ITV new show – including ex-Strictly lead man Kevin Clifton and singer Max George, as well as Colson Smith, singer Chelcee Grimes and newsreader Lucrezia millarini.

Fans tuning in to the show were confused as to whether the show was live. Holly Willoughby opened Holly Willoughby’s show by revealing that they will be broadcasting live throughout each night.

However, viewers were puzzled by the fact that only two events were actually live, while the rest were recorded beforehand.

“The live crowd must have had an amazing night!” #thegames two events!!!” One wrote and another added: “Won’t be watching live again. Without the pointless chat and ad breaks will get it watched in 20 minutes! #TheGames.”

Online, a third party: “The poor audience at the Games, sitting in the cold with an hour between live events, is the ice cream van there tonight? #TheGames.”

An additional fan’s harsh review was added: “Massive editing issues on #TheGames. Way too much chat. I assumed the events were live but a 3 & a half minute edited fly-through of the men’s hammer? Show us the games.”

Other people found it hard to hear all the studio talk. One fan even took to Twitter to express his frustration. ” #TheGames too much studio talk, I want to see the games not people talking about the games.”

“90% talk show, 10% real sport #TheGames“A second addition is made, while a third is shared: “Seen just 1 race – are we gonna see some actual games at The Games? or just bore fest studio talk. #TheGames

Others loved the new format, and they were eager to see the show return tomorrow night for another special.

Max George was injured during the live 400m race. It caused heartache for the hosts Holly and Freddie, who insisted that they would give an update tomorrow.