Izzie Balmshow of Antiques Road Trip was stunned when her Humpty Dumpty soup made huge profits


Izzie Balmshow, Antiques Road Trip Expert, took a chance and bought the blue tobacco pot that she found in a back of a glass cupboard

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Antiques Road Trip: Izzie Balmer makes impressive profit

Izzie Balmshow, Antiques Road Trip Expert, was stunned to discover that her broken Humpty Dumpty Pot made an immense profit.

Izzie and David Harper, an exporter from the BBC, were visiting Fife in Perthshire when they came across a blue-tobacco pot.

Izzie fell in love instantly with the item, which she found at the back of an antique glass cabinet. But she was devastated to learn that it had been broken in the past.

She decided to gamble with the pot of tobacco, and it all worked out for her.

“I was really excited when I saw this, and now, I’m really disappointed, so this is probably a tobacco jar, although you could use it as a tea caddy or a biscuit barrel,” Izzie said.

“We’ve got this Humpty Dumpty type figure on the top, smoking a pipe and holding a mug there, and then it’s got this lovely silver rim.”

“So it’s London, 1920, and we have here the Royal Doulton stamp. Now, the reason I was excited is firstly (because I) absolutely flipping love that colour, isn’t it stunning?”

According to the expert, she has never seen a Doulton cigar jar like this one. She was however disappointed when she discovered the broken parts.

“It’s obviously been dropped and smashed, and it’s just such a shame because it was probably in pristine condition, quite a good rare item,”She spoke.

“It’s priced at £145, now everything is telling me that that is too much money for this being a broken item.”

After bargaining with the shop assistant, she ended up purchasing the tobacco pot for £90.

The auctioneer started the bid off at £45, to which it immediately went up to £50 as bidding commenced through the internet.

This is where Izzie found it shocking.

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“55. 60 for you? 60, thank you, the internet and 70? 70 is bid – 75. Internet, we need 75?”The auction continued.

Izzie shouted: “Oh, come on!”

The auctioneer continued: “£80 online. 85 is the bid. Online at 90, 95 is next.”

Izzie began yelling out: “Come on. Come on, come on. Come on!”

It went on until the auctioneer finally gave up. “240 is bid. At £240, I will sell, are we all done? At £240, gavels up, fair warning, sold!”

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