Jack Nicholson A Claimed by Dubious Source ‘Hefty Hermit,’Friends Fear for his Life in Sketchy Report


It is Jack NicholsonDoing alright? Twelve months ago Gossip CopI came across a story that criticized his hermitism as a sign of declining health. Let’s look back on that story with the benefit of hindsight to see what’s going on with the star.

‘Hefty Hermit’Jack Nicholson?

According to the National EnquirerNicholson was losing weight at a dangerous rate. Doctors believed he was losing control and gave him a weight of up to 350 pounds. Source: “He doesn’t want people to see him looking like this and has become a virtual recluse!” It implied his recent career decisions were not the result of retirement, but because he’d thrown in the towel. According to a source, “You can’t beat obesity with just bypass surgery. He needs psychological counseling.”

Don’t be fooled: the Inquire has no interest in Nicholson’s health. It was just interested in running one of its fat-shaming stories. It called him “chubby,”You can find more information at “beached whale,”And a balloon. It wanted to attack a legend, but there was no evidence other than a photo from three years ago. This story is bogus because Nicholson doesn’t have any proof.

How’s Jack Nicholson Doing?

Nicholson is alive and well, which is a blessing for the entire world. This was an opportunistic story, as Nicholson briefly stopped public appearances during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was probably a wise decision. He returned to his traditional Lakers games: SeatsLater in the year. He doesn’t look like he did in Easy Rider, but he’s also 84. Let’s give the man a break.

Nicholson isn’t hiding from the spotlight because of his weight. After the he retired Bucket List. You can save your place in the ensemble movie. What do you know? in 2010, he’s stayed out of the spotlight. Besides, it’s not as though he was a slender man when he did, say, The Departed. It is a wasteful potshot to call him washed-up. 

This is the exact same guy who finished Chinatown One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestIn consecutive years. He could’ve quit acting in 1976 and his legacy would be secured. This story was disrespectful and relied on bogus testimony from doctors who’d never treated the man. Furthermore, how could this outlet know Nicholson’s exact weight if he’s doing all he can to avoid the spotlight? 

Why Does This Sound So Familiar?

This outlet would announce Liza Minnelli’s imminent death, but she still appeared at the Academy Awards one-year later. Despite being close to death, Willie Nelson continues to tour. Inquire story claiming he’d soon die as well. If anything, a tabloid article bashing a celebrity’s health is kind of a good sign that they’re probably doing okay.

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