Jack Quaid, ‘The Boys’ star looks so familiar (not his famous parents).


Jack Quaid is pretty recognizable, and not just because he’s the offspring of two of the biggest movie stars of the ‘90s. Jack made a name of himself by appearing in blockbuster films and starring on hit TV shows. 

Jack Quaid’s Famous Parents

Quaid is the son Meg Ryan, a rom-com queen, and Dennis Quaid, a star actor. Jack was born one year after Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid married in 1991. They divorced ten decades later. Jack is their only child. 

With parents like that, it’s no surprise Jack decided to try his hand at acting. He made his on-screen debut in 2012’s The Hunger GamesAs one of many teens sent to an arena to fight for their lives in the dystopian tale, he is portrayed by. 

His acting career

Jack has been appearing in movies such as Logan Lucky, Smallfoot, and 2022’s Scream. He also starred in Ithaca, the 2015 movie that was Ryan’s directorial debut. 

Jack worked tirelessly since he began his career ten year ago. However, he rose in stardom after he got a starring part on the hit Amazon Prime series. The Boys. With six Emmy nominations, the show has been a commercial success. 

Jack is also a voice actor on Star Trek: Lower Decks, a role that has been praised by critics. He is a voice actor on the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks and was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Super Award for Best Voice Actor in an Animated Series in 2021. 

His success on TV and his role as a star in the latest Scream installment, it’s no surprise Jack is being named one of the hottest young actors today. He’s poised to begin a career in serious roles as well; Jack is one of the many actors starring in acclaimed director Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Oppenheimer

Jack Quaid’s Personal Life

Jack is not very open about his personal life. But he recently turned thirty and shared some details about their relationship with comedian Lizzy McGroder. They met at an improv performance when she brought Jack up to perform a scene with Lizzy McGroder. They have been together since 2016. 

Jack is the term that many people refer to as a “jack”, “nepotism baby,” it’s clear that the actor is working hard to show he has earned his fame and success as an actor—without the help of his famous parents.

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