Jackie Evancho, a ‘America’s Got Talent” alum, opens up about Anorexia Diagnosis


Jackie Evancho was only 10 years old when she heard her angelic voice carry her to the finals. “America’s Got Talent.”

The young singer, now 22, is sharing a sad secret: she has anorexia.

“It started with me wanting to lose baby fat. I decreased calories and increased exercise. At one point, I was going days without eating,” Evancho tells Inside Edition.

Evancho also suffered a severe car accident in which she broke her spine in two areas. 

“The doctor said that the types of breaks I had were not normal,” Evancho said.

Because she had deprived her body of proper nutrition, Evancho developed osteoporosis — a disease that most commonly afflicts women 50 years older than her.

“We never think about a person in their early twenties as having osteoporosis, however it can occur in people of all genders who have anorexia nervosa, starting at a really young age,”Dr. Jennifer L. Gaudiani spoke.

Evancho said that her battle against the eating disorder is still ongoing and that she is trying to reverse osteoporosis.

“The key and the difference now is that I actually really do not want to live like this anymore,” Evancho said.

She’s returning to the spotlight with a new album, which includes a cover of the Joni Mitchell classic, “Both Sides Now.”

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