Jada pinkett Smith Allegedly ‘Flirting With Hunky Guys’To Spite Will Smith and Sketchy Insider Claims


Is it? Jada pinkett SmithTrying to make Will Smith jealous? One report states that Scream 2Star flirts openly with other men to get back at Will. Chris RockAcademy Awards Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Will On Razor’s Edge With Jada!’

Per the National EnquirerJada isn’t standing by her man. Friends say she’s rubbing salt in his wound by flirting with hunks under his nose. A source says, “She loves to boost her ego by flirting. She has a lot of cute male friends in LA who pop over for coffee. Will doesn’t object out loud, but it’s common knowledge he finds it inappropriate.”

Insider says Will is out of the Academy Awards for a decade. Jada should find someone to attend the events with. The insider says that the snitch is right. “She fully intends to attend more of these events and rub shoulders with anyone she chooses, especially guys she finds interesting.” While Jada doesn’t sleep with any of these new men, she knows it crushes Will, the source concludes. “Will’s friends are convinced this is a big source of his rage, along with their tame love life, which has been stale for many years.”

What’s Going On With The Smiths?

While this story is enticing as heck, it just doesn’t hold water. Jada and Will aren’t exactly a private couple. Red Table TalkJada can now talk about her marital life in an open forum. In the show’s return, she did not discuss getting dinner with other guys to get back at Will.

Instead, Jada addressed Jada’s slapIt was a tangential way. She said: “Considering all that has happened in the last few weeks, the Smith family has been focusing on deep healing. Some of the discoveries around our healing will be shared at the table when the time calls.”It sounds like Will and She are focused on healing rather than sniping at each others.

This story cites both friends of Jada and Will, but it can’t point to any hard evidence. Where are the photos of Jada and Will being greeted by hunks? Since they don’t exist, this is just a whole bunch of nonsense.

Smith Rumors are All Around

Jada pinkett Smith and her husband have lived in constant conflict with the authorities. Get in touch. It claimed that Will Smith would soon be divorcing. Jada was soon to be divorcing Will, two years later. Last week, the site again circulated divorce rumors regarding the Smiths. Jada Pinkett and Will Smith have never been divorced.

When you see all these bogus rumors lined up, it’s painfully obvious that there’s nothing to them. This tabloid has never had any insight into the Smith household, so there’s no reason to pay this hunk rumor any mind.