Jada Pinkett Smith Claims Dubious Gossip With Supposed Random Firings


Is it? Jada pinkett SmithToxic presence Red Table Talk? According to one report, her staff is in constant fear following a series of random firings. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Bad Juju Jada: Boss From Hell!’

The following is the National Enquirer, Smith is apparently a cruel boss who’s instilled fear in her underlings. Will Smith is allegedly made to look sweet by her. A source says, “Jada is the boss from hell. The turnover of staff on her Red Table Talk show is very high. It is common knowledge in the business no one lasts very long on that show!”

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Since Red Table Talk isn’t on a major network, they argue, Smith gets to have the final word on everything. She’s supposedly the only one with any power, and she enjoys exercising it. According to an anonymous former producer, “Some days she loves you, on others she hates you… everyone’s career is literally in the hands of her mood!”The report concludes by pointing out that Jada even manipulated Will to attack Chris Rock at Academy Awards.

What’s Going On With ‘Red Table Talk’?

Jada Pinkett is the architect of this, but Smith is not. Red Table Talk, she’s not an omnipotent deity. She and her team of executive producers can watch the show on Facebook Watch. This means that they still have to answer to people. Obviously, this doesn’t mean Smith is therefore a great boss, but it’s not totally accurate to say she holds all the power in her hands.

Complicating this further is the existence of unions, but it’s unclear if parent company Westbrook Studios works with any such institutions. In any event Gossip CopIt is possible to overthink this. 

The proof is what Get in touchAre you able to provide evidence to support your story? There was no evidence other than anonymous testimony and Academy Awards. What does this infamous slap have to do with workplace culture? Red Table TalkThe imagination is the only limit.

Smith should not be as horrible as her outlet claims. Otherwise, there should be no end to the horror stories about Smith working on the show. Ellen DeGeneres is a great example of this: Many people came up with horror stories about her show. Those tales just don’t seem to currently exist about Red Table TalkThis story is not true.

Many bad Smith takes

2020: Get in touchJada Pinkett and Will were promising to get divorced. They did not separate. This tabloid continued to cover the couple with fake news even after the slap. The tabloid claimed that Will was forced to go to therapy and Jada was openly flirtinging with other men.

These stories were all false. The Smiths are still married, so these insiders have no clue what they’re talking about. No one is as close to the Smiths. Red Table TalkJada is being blasted, so this tale of cruelty rings hollow.