Jade Cline’s Rehab Upsets Kloie: Exclusive Sneak Peek


Teen Mom 2Jade Cline, a star in MTV’s Star Wars, is experiencing the effects of Sean Austin staying in rehab while at home with their 4-year-old daughter Kloie. PopCulture.com has a sneak peak of Tuesday’s new episode. Jade Cline checks in with Sean via FaceTime to see if he is able to address his substance abuse problems. However, the glimpse of father is too much for Kloie, who is already emotionally charged.

Jade is first interested in Sean’s rehab progress after receiving an update from Sean’s counselor. “You’ve been doing really, really good,”She notes that he asked her. “How’s that been going?”Sean answers “Very well,”It’s important to note that he’s been given more responsibilities as the journey continues. “Now I get to help all the new guys and help them work through what they’re dealing with and share my experience with them,”Jade is proud to hear this. “‘Cause I’ve been there before, you know, so I know what it’s like to be where they’re at.”

This is what can make it so difficult. “positive thing,”Jade tells Sean, “‘Cause you can use everything that you’ve learned there and, you know, use your platform to kind of enlighten more people.”While Sean’s time away is a positive experience, there are negative aspects as well, like the effects on Kloie. The little girl already feels the effects of Sean’s absence from home. “grouchy”After getting up, you feel tired. “boo-boo”On her finger, the mere mention of her father is enough to send her into meltdown mode.

“I want daddy!”Kloie weeps, but Jade assures Sean that she’s okay “just sad”Sean is still missing him. Sean assures his daughter he will be there “a surprise”If he is home, but only when she’s “good”Her mom coaxed the little girl to cooperate “stop screaming and crying like that.”Jade acknowledged that it was difficult while Sean was away to care for their daughter alone. “She’s just emotional,”Reality personality. “I think that you being gone for so long, she’s been getting real emotional about it and just kinda acting out and doing little things that I can tell she’s just doing it because she’s just trying to act out.” Teen Mom 2Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV

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