Jaguar racing mechanic fires after saying that ‘cyclists need to be run over’ online



Formula E mechanic Charlie Forkner loses role with Jaguar TCS Racing team after saying bike riders who do not use cycle lanes should be run down and ‘p***ed on’

Racing mechanics were fired after a foul-mouthed attempt to run over cyclists.

The comments appeared on the Facebook account of Charlie Forkner, lead mechanic with Formula E outfit Jaguar TCS Racing, under a police safety ­poster.

It read: “If there is a cycle lane and they are not using it, they shouldn’t be run off the road by anyone. They should be ran [sic] over in the road, dragged on to the path and p***ed on by everyone!

“I’ve ridden both mountain bikes and road bikes, both of which on cycle paths if possible. No excuse.”

Jaguar claimed Mr. Forkner, who was responsible for the assembly of cars for Mitch Evans (New Zealand racing ace), was “no longer associated”With the team.

A spokesperson stated: “Jaguar TCS Racing take breaches of our social media policy very seriously. We do not tolerate this behaviour in our team.”

The rant was deleted, but screenshots were shared on social media. “If your bike isn’t capable of going up and down dropped curbs [sic] without damage, you are using the wrong bike.”

A motorsports website described Mr. Forkner as “an integral part of Jaguar Racing who defied the odds to follow his passion and work in motorsport”.