Jake Gyllenhaal gives us a glimpse into the “Road House” Reboot


Cameras roll on Road HouseAmazon Prime Video’s reimagining of the classic 1989 Patrick Swayze film about a bartender who takes no crap from anyone. Jake Gyllenhaal shared the first photo from the set with Edge of TomorrowDoug Liman will direct the movie on Tuesday. Conor McGregor will appear in his first acting part.

“I’ve wanted to work with the ridiculously talented Doug Liman for years. Day 1. Roadhouse,” Gyllenhaal Instagram: Posted. He shared a picture with Liman of him laughing, while Liman held the clapboard. Amazon, too Shared a photo of the two on set.

Amazon greenlit the remake earlier this month. Filming is currently underway in Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is acting as the Florida Keys. Gyllenhaal plays a former UFC fighter, who is now a bouncer in a Florida Keys bar, where he discovers the darker side to paradise. Anthony Bagarozzi (The Nice GuysCarles Mondry and he wrote the script.

Billy Magnussen and Daniela Melchior star alongside GbemisolaIkumelo, Lukas Gage and Hannah Love Lanier. Travis Van Winkle, B.K. Cannon, Arturo Castro. Dominique Columbus. Beau Knapp. and Bob Menery are also featured in the movie. Silver Pictures will be producing the film. Joel Silver produced the original. JJ Hook, Alison Winter and Aaron Auch are the executive producer.

After the project received the go-ahead, it took a few more days before things got underway. Deadline According to reports, McGregor was added to the cast. He has been sought by Hollywood for years. Sources tell however that McGregor was finally cast. Deadline McGregor chose this project as the one to launch his career. Silver showed McGregor the original film and he liked it so much that he agreed with him to meet Silver, who shared his ideas for the new version.

1989 Road HouseIt is a classic cult film written and directed jointly by Rowdy Herrington and Hilary Henkin. Swayze portrays James Dalton, a professional. “cooler”A man arrives in Missouri to get a job at Double Deuce. It is a rowdy restaurant with unruly guests and non-stop fighting. Dalton discovers soon that Brad Welsey (Ben Gazzara), a local business magnate, is running the town. He is a horrible person and tries to stop Dalton from succeeding. Starring in the film were Sam Elliott, Kelly Lynch and Jeff Healey. It was a huge hit and grossed $61.6million.

Gyllenhaal last appeared on the big screen in Michael Bay’s thriller Ambulance. He voices the character Strange World in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ next film. It opens November 23rd. Guy Ritchie also cast him in his next movie, tentatively called The Interpreter. Oscar nomination for Gyllenhaal’s supporting role in Brokeback Mountain.

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