Jake Lacy, Jake Lacy, and More Amazing True Crime TV Transformations


These TV transformations can be frightening.

Shows based on true crimes are terrifying enough on their own, but sometimes an actor’s transformation makes thinks downright spooky. And The White LotusJake Lacy is ready to turn in a sinister performance in Peacock’s latest true crime drama, A friend of the family.

The series premieres October 6. Lacy plays a real-life kidnapper in the series. Robert BerchtoldAs the name implies, he befriends the Brobergs in the 1970s. Robert’s love affair with the family’s oldest daughter is however a problem. Jan—played by Hendrix Yancey Mckenna Grace—turns into a dangerous obsession, leading him to kidnap her not once, but twice throughout the span of a few years.

Jan’s parents don’t even know about it. Mary Ann Bob BrobergAnna Paquin Colin Hanks, respectively—as they too became victims of Robert’s manipulation. This chilling series stars also Lio TiptonAs Robert’s wife Gail Berchtold.

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