Jake Paul made $46,000 off Bitcoin before scooping much bigger purses in boxing


Before he began raking in huge pay days in boxing, Jake Paul profited massively from an investment in Bitcoin.

Paul has become one of the most talked about names in combat sports in the past few years with his trash talk and selective fight choices rubbing people the wrong way.

While the 24-year-old’s stock has risen since emerging onto the social media scene in the mid-2010s, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has also enjoyed a drastic growth.

The digital currency has reached peaks of over $60,000 (£45,000) in 2021 – but it was in its early days when Paul first bought some, a decision that paid off big time.

Jake Paul
Before boxing came into his life, Jake Paul made his money from social media – and invested it into Bitcoin

Earlier this year the YouTuber tweeted: “When I was 16 I invested my entire first Vine brand deal into Bitcoin when it was worth $100.

“After 8 years of holding It’s now worth $46,000.

“Doge is Bitcoin’s younger brother… they have the same potential… it’s still early..”

It is unclear how much Paul invested from his earnings on the now defunct video platform Vine, but the amount will have increased by 460 times.

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Bitcoin had a steady development in the 2010s after it was initially released in 2009.

But it more than tripled in value from last year to this, and one is now worth roughly $50,000 (£37,000) at the time of writing.

The other coin Paul mentioned in his tweet, Doge, is another cryptocurrency he holds – and he’s flirted with the idea of making his own.

“It might happen, it might not,” Paul told Forbes.

Jake Paul surrounded by money / dollar bills
Paul has since earned millions from his professional boxing career

“It’s a big undertaking. Ben [Phillips] and I have discussed it… But definitely no ‘jakepaulcoin.’

“It would have to provide a purpose and be useful. We don’t want to create something just to make money.”

However, the man who has beaten MMA fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley in the ring has had to warn fans that he is not offering legitimate investing advice.

He previously posted: “Everything I tweet about crypto is not financial advice and I wouldn’t listen to any of it.”