James Argent, TOWIE star, shares his secrets to a 13-stone weight loss transformation


James Argent shares the secrets of his 13stone weight loss.

The reality star suffered from a binge eating disorder while in the coronavirus lockdown. However, he has since been unrecognizable.

Better known as Arg, he paid £10,000 to have gastric sleeve surgery forcing him learn a whole new way of eating.

Reports say that the 35-year-old takes small bites of French fries, chews them slowly for 20 seconds, and then swallows. He waits 20 seconds before taking another bite. The Mirror.

The star was seen eating alone during lockdown last year, downing fast food after his binge-eating disorder spiraled out of control.

He told The Mirror: “My whole day revolved around it – when was my next meal.

James Argent is completely unrecognisable after major weightless
After major weight loss, James Argent is virtually unrecognizable

“I’d start off with a big full English breakfast, then throughout the day I’d have fizzy drinks, chocolate, chewy sweets and crisps. For lunch and dinner I’d have takeaways.”

Arg gained 10 stones, making him 27-stone and making him the heaviest he’d ever been.

After being told by doctors that he would have to struggle if he got Covid, the TOWIE star received a wake-up call.

TOWIE star James Argent shares secrets behind 13 stone weight loss transformation
After gaining 10 Stone during lockdown, Arg had gastric bypass surgery.

Patricia, his mum, told her son after she gained so much weight that she couldn’t recognize him.

Arg had the gastric band procedure to remove 70% of his stomach. This was done in order to limit how much he can eat.

He continued: “I enjoy food so to commit to a lifetime operation was a big thing for me.

“I could still have small portions of chocolate and crisps all day long, but I’ve decided to have healthy stuff.

“It’s still down to me about what exactly I put in my mouth.”

James Argent opens up about having gastric band surgery
After his massive weight gain, his mum claimed she couldn’t recognize him.

For two months after the surgery, he was on a liquid-only diet and his first meal after that was his mum’s chicken curry.

Arg continued: “Sometimes I’d get as hungry as I did before.

“When that happens you eat too quickly. It makes you feel rough and be sick and it’s extremely uncomfortable.”

The star is now focused on healthy choices. He starts his day with fresh orange juice and an A-Z multivitamin tablet.

He explained: “I don’t usually feel peckish between breakfast and lunch, but if I do or I’ve been exercising and need energy, I have a banana.

James Argent shares weightless tips
TOWIE’s star is now focused on making healthier choices

“For lunch, I have a chicken or fish salad, or a multigrain soup or a spicy chicken one.

“Dinner can be anything from small portions of my mum’s chilli con carne to some paella or pasta. In terms of snacks, I’ll usually have some nuts or some popcorn.

“I can digest most things but I have to eat food the size of a 20p, chew it for 20 seconds, wait for 20 seconds and do that again so I don’t get sick.”

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