James Corden’s Staff Allegedly Furious After He Demanded $5 Million Raise For Himself And No Raises For The Crew, Anonymous Gossip Claims


It is James CordenHis staff is at odds? According to one tabloid, the talk show host is trying to negotiate a raise for him and his staff. Here’s what we know about Corden’s big payday.

James Corden ‘Pigs Out On Fat $5M Payday’?

This week, National Enquirer According to reports, James Corden wants a huge pay increase but has no plans of sharing the wealth. While he’s eating up his show’s success, he isn’t fighting for the ones that helped him get here. “He’s trying to get more money for himself, but doing nothing to make the show a happier place to work,”An inside source charge “While James puts himself out there as Mr. Nice Guy on camera, he is rarely warm or even kind to his staff.”

Corden is a true diva who loves to work. “People love working for Jimmy Kimmel. But it’s a different story at Corden’s show, where there always seems to be the threat that he’s looking for something better,”Another tipper whispers. “To say he isn’t well-liked is an understatement. He likes to pit his most talented people against each other. He seems to get a kick out of seeing people squirm.”

James Corden Faking ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ Persona?

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, there isn’t a shred of evidence to back up this story about a “$5 million payday.”Corden is no exception to this rule. Salary negotiations are confidential. Even if details about a raise were to be leaked, it would not have been reported by any other outlet. Yet, this story has not been picked up by any reputable outlet. Given a total lack of evidence, it’s safe to say this story about a raise is just nonsense.

Now, this isn’t the first rumor accusing Corden of being “distant, aloof, and cold.”The truth is that celebrities can have this reputation for seemingly little reason. His popularity is not without merit. “distant”It might be quite easy to explain nature. Corden’s sisters recently sat down for an interview where they They explained that their brother is extremely introverted.. “‘James is probably the most introverted of the three of us,”Ruth, Ruth’s sister, was the one to reveal.

While it may be a bit disappointing for fans to find he isn’t quite as bubbly and outgoing behind the scenes, we doubt that means he’s secretly cutting his staff’s paychecks out of spite. It’s obvious this tabloid just missed the Ellen DeGeneres toxic workplace scandal and decided to invent a new one for Corden. But until evidence arises to validate some of these accusations, it’s safe to say Corden isn’t tormenting his employees.

The Tabloid On Other Talkshow Hosts

This isn’t the first time the National Enquirer Rumours about a talk show host were spread. The outlet claimed Ellen DeGeneres was having trouble booking A-list guests for her talk show. The magazine also claimed Drew Barrymore and DeGeneres were in a relationship. A tabloid claimed Wendy Williams was having a meltdown after losing her show. Evidently, the Inquire doesn’t have any insight into the lives of talk show hosts.