James Haskell blasts snowflakes and female trolls who “try to cancel him”.


James Haskell has lashed out at female trolls – saying they have “free rein to insult you”However, if he rebuts, he will be branded sexist.

The former England rugby star – married to Richard Madeley’s daughter Chloe – was caught up in an online row and accused of putting sheep at risk after walking his dog Bertie off the lead.

James, 36, said: “If someone starts having a go at me online, I get very angry and upset quite easily.

“And it doesn’t matter if they’re women, because the idea that they can say horrible things about me and I’m not allowed to go back at them because of their sex just seems like hypocrisy.

James Haskell has slammed female trolls who he feels he can't fight back against
James Haskell has attacked female trolls he believes he cannot fight back against

“So I fired back at the woman who’d sent me a picture of a bleeding sheep and called me a d***, only for another woman to accuse me of bullying her.”

James stated in his book Ruck Me that he had no choice but to fight for his rights after being woken by snowflakes. “cancel” him.

He said: “I was only giving as good as I was getting. Then, a bloke came along with: ‘You’re a f***ing c***, mate, a misogynist who likes abusing women. I’d shoot you and your dog.’ Apparently, a woman can call you anything they like in 2021, but if you respond it becomes about gender.

The former England Rugby star with wife Chloe Madeley, Richard's daughter
Richard, his ex-england rugby star and wife Chloe Madeley are Richard’s daughters

“They want to have free rein to insult you, but if you say it back you are attacking women and being a brute. They smelt blood and wanted to cancel me.”

It is because James believes that Amanda Holden, Britain’s Got Talent judge has unknowingly caused a dispute between him and Chloe Madeley.

A few years back, the athlete was on A League Of Their Own with Amanda. But he made a mistake.

James said to the bombshell, 50-years-old, that he was “single”The pair had a lot of fun flirting on screen. However, he was already dating Chloe for about a month.

The couple had a major bust-up when the show aired several months later.

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