James Maddison’s girlfriend Kennedy Alexa fools the man with a savage Tea prank


After Kennedy Alexa, his girlfriend from Leicester City, pranked James Maddison with a bad cup of tea, Maddison became irritated.

Maddison & Alexa have been together for more than a year. In July, they welcomed their son Leo to the world.

Alexa, who had been asked by her boyfriend to make tea for him while he was playing pool, filmed herself on TikTok.

She added some salt to the sugar instead of sugar, and then she gave it to James.

“Might have accidentally swapped the sugar for salt,”She wrote and added a devilish smiley.

James Maddison stares at his girlfriend after realising she's put salt in his tea
After realising that his girlfriend had put salt in her tea, James Maddison looks at his girlfriend.

To avoid suspicion, she kept her distance and recorded her partner’s reaction.

Maddison took one sip of the brew and looked in horror at it before accusatorily staring at his girlfriend. Then he spit the contents back into the cup.

“What the f*** is in that?”He asked, before running out of the room to get some mouthwash.

James Maddison, is he good enough for a top 6 side? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

… He then spat the salty brew back into the cup
… He then spat the salty brew back into the cup

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Maddison scored three goals in 19 matches this season for Leicester. They are currently ranked 10th in Premier League after a inconsistent start.

The 25-year-old made a blistering start to life in the Premier League after joining the midlands club from Norwich in 2018 for around £20 million.

His performances for the Foxes earned him an England call up the next year. However, Gareth Southgate lost favor with the manager and the midfielder was not able to play. However, his form has been improving under Brendan Rodgers, the Leicester boss.