Jamie Carragher explains Michael Carrick’s motivations “had to” drop Cristiano Ronaldo


Manchester United caretaker manager Michael Carrick dropped Cristiano Ronaldo for the Red Devils’ match against Chelsea. Ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher said the decision was necessary.

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Manchester United’s interim manager Michael Carrick spoke at a press conference in preparation for their Premier League match against Chelsea.

Jamie Carragher, ex-defender for Liverpool, backed Michael Carrick’s decision not to drop Cristiano Ronaldo.

Manchester United’s caretaker manager chose to not have the five-time Ballon d’Or Winner for the Red Devils’ visit to Chelsea in Premier League.

Carrick explained that the 36 year-old scored two goals against Villarreal on Tuesday to send United through the Champions League knockout stage. “great”Receive the news.

Carragher claims that the temporary boss will be named by him “had to”Make the call.

“I think he had to do that to be honest,”The Anfield hero declared on Sky Sports pre-match.

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“Even when you’re part of a coaching set up, everyone has different views on the team or how the team should be set up.

“It was fascinating to see his interactions with Bruno Fernandes and Anthony Martial, as well as what he did when Martial and Ronaldo switched positions at different times.

“He did put his own stamp on that. I think he had to do that because he didn’t want to look like Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer ]’s guy doing exactly the same.

“Things haven’t been going smoothly, we know this. He will be delighted with how this game turns out. [Villarreal] went.”

Carragher added: “I am certain he will have a similar strategy today.

“It will be interesting to see if what he did in Villarreal and what he does today is actually just picking certain ways of playing for certain games.

“Obviously they are without their two main centre-backs. Or this is a case of seeing what Michael Carrick is about and this is how he sees Manchester United going forward.”

Carrick explained the hotly debated decision. MUTV : “We have great options.

“We have a great team to choose from. A few tweaks and modifications were made from the previous night.

“The boys who have come out of the team have been terrific around the group, fantastic in and around the changing room, as were the other boys the other night.

“It’s a team effort and we look forward to today’s game.”

Carrick has also recalled Fernandes, who he dropped for the 2-0 midweek win.

The Portuguese playmaker was asked about if he had a point to prove back in the starting XI and responded to Sky Sports : “No. No.

“On the training pitch, in the games, every day you have to prove your qualities if you want to play in the first XI.

“You must prove that you are worthy to be in the first XI every day.

“That’s what I’m about, I’m doing that since I came to the club and started playing football.

“This is what I must prove to myself first and then to all others.”

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