Jamie Lynn Spears Named Her Memoir after Britney Lyrics?


The Spears family rivalry has made heads turn everywhere. Britney SpearsShe is now free from her conservatorship and engaged in a war on words with her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears over Jamie Lynn’s behavior during those rough years. One point of conflict is Jamie Lynn’s new memoir, but was it named for one of Britney’s lyrics? Let’s take a look.

Quick Refresher

Throughout Britney’s conservatorship, Jamie Lynn kept a very tight lip. Britney noticed, and now that she’s free of her father, she’s fighting back. Jamie Lynn wrote a memoir that reveals the depth of the issues between the sisters.

Britney is bitter that Jamie Lynn worked her to the bone, while Britney lives a more relaxed life. Britney believes that Jamie Lynn only landed. Zoey 101Because of her famous sister. Jamie Lynn tried to reach an agreement earlier in the week, but it was rejected. Brtiney’s legions of fans believe Jamie Lynn is profiting off the suffering her sister lived through.


The title has changed

Things I Should have SaidThe book is available in stores right now and Jamie Lynn speaks openly about her faith, family and career. Worthy Publishing briefly listed the memoir under the title “The Secret Life of Jamie Lynn” on its website in July. I Have to Confession: Family, Fame, and Figuring It All. “I must confess” is famously a lyric from one of Spears’ biggest hits, “…Baby One More Time.”

Although the title was removed from the website within hours, it was still there. Jamie Lynn claims that this title was never the official one. On the other hand, Jamie Lynn was tearful on Call Her DaddyThe All Thatstar Explained what happened. “That was never the title…That was a mishap that happened where that was just something they put for no one to really grab reference of my book.”It was almost fill-in text. Worthy Publishing confirmed this story and said that the Britney-laced title was indeed true. “incorrect and incomplete information.”

Britney has noticed

Britney did not lose the title. The “Toxic” singer made an Instagram post jokingly saying she couldn’t think of a name for her book. Many saw that as a clear insult to her little sister. Within 24 hours of the book’s release, Britney has posed in what she called her “new …Baby One more Time outfit.”

#FreeBritney lovers know how Britney has manipulated her looks in the past. This rivalry seems to be far from over. Jamie Lynn was going to use a Britney line in her memoir. Only she could know, and she strongly denies it.

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