Jamie Lynn Spears reveals Britney Spears’ reaction to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me a River.


Jamie Lynn Spears will be sharing behind-the-scenes information about Britney Spears, her older sister, in her forthcoming book Things I Should Have Said. In a brand new Interview on the podcast Call her DaddyJamie Lynn recalls her older sister’s relationship, which she shared with Justin Timberlake. Britney’s reaction after Timberlake’s breakup song was also discussed by Jamie Lynn. “Cry Me a River.”

Britney and Timberlake date back to 1999-2002, according to Jamie Lynn. “That was probably one of the best times in my whole family’s life.”Jamie Lynn, even though she would have been nine when the relationship started. “Things were good and we were experiencing the good side of things. But I just remember that he was pretty thoughtful… I just felt like he was funny.”She even remembered being devastated when the couple split up.

“I don’t really know why I was so sad, but I was because I think everybody thought it was forever. But I was so sad first off because my sister was so sad,” Jamie Lynn said. “That also too was the first time I saw [that] maybe I didn’t know everything about the relationship, because perhaps they were protecting me. Obviously, why would they talk to me about anything? It was really sad, though, seeing my sister be so heartbroken.”

Jamie Lynn also expressed her regret at Timberlake’s treatment of her sister in the press. “criminalized”And “held to a different standard”because of their celebrity status. Timberlake’s song added pressure to her feelings. “Cry Me a River”It was published in 2002.

“Looking back with that perspective and seeing how heartbreaking it must’ve been for my sister when ‘Cry Me a River’ came out,” Jamie Lynn said. “Don’t get me wrong, that’s a way to launch your solo career, but I felt really sad.”
Timberlake has never confirmed it, but that is fair. “Cry Me a River”Britney’s song was hers, so Jamie Lynn is only speculating. In speculating about her sister’s song, she seemed confident. “Everytime”This was also a direct reply.

“My sister, she wrote that song ‘Everytime,’ and she’s obviously beyond brilliant when it comes to anything creative and she picked that song out on the piano, and she wrote it, and it still makes me cry because I think about how heartbroken she was,” Jamie Lynn said. “That was his song, but ‘Everytime’ was her song. It still breaks my heart to think about that.”

Britney Spears’ most loyal fans hate Jamie Lynn, and have mocked her recent series of interviews to promote her memoir. After her long conservatorship, Britney is believed to distrust her sister and the rest of her family. Jamie Lynn’s memoir, which was published on Tuesday, January 18, is now available wherever books can be purchased.