Jana Kramer and Stephen Colletti Join a OTH Reunion


The One Tree Hill The gang is back together!

They were not the only ones. Several cast members took part in an official weekend reunion for the CW show, a fundraiser titled Weekend at Tree Hill 3, hosted by Friends With Benefits Charity Events at the building that housed the show’s TRIC nightclub in Wilmington, N.C.

On Friday, Nov. 5, Jana Kramer (Alex) and Kate Voegele(Mia) and (John) performed together onstage while their former co-stars were also present Antwon Tanner (Skills) emceed and Tyler Hilton(Chris), gave a virtual performance.

Jana’s set is in the middle. Shantal Van Santen(Quinn Surprise!The performer screamed with excitement as she walked towards her former star from the side of stage. The two hugged as the audience cheered.

“When we reunite we cry,”Kramer wrote in her Instagram Story. “We always crying.”

Van Santen’s spouse and fellow actor Victor WebsterThe sweet moment onstage was captured on video. Later, the actress shared this clip and wrote, “reunited and it feels so good.”She also stated, “I love you @kramergirl.”

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