Janet Jackson Allegedly at Risk After ‘Packing On’ 80 Pounds, ‘Digging Her Own Grave,’ Anonymous Source Says


Is it? Janet Jackson‘s health at risk after recently gaining weight? One tabloid claims Jackson is “digging her own grave with a knife and a fork.” Let’Let’s take a look at the “All for You” singer.

‘Giant’ Janet Jackson ‘Expands Her Base’?

This week, National Enquirer reports Janet Jackson’s health is at risk after “packing on a staggering 80 pounds.” Jackson was snapped recently out in public for the first time in a year, and sources say she’s struggling to stay in shape. “Janet’s seriously overweight and her binge eating has friends and family worried she has an eating disorder,”An insider shares his secrets. “She’s pounding down fattening foods like pasta and bread—and even worse—she’s stopped exercising and has no control over the size of the portions of her food!”

And sources worry what the singer’s weight gain could mean for her career. “She’s so heavy that walking is difficult and she’s in no shape to dance,”The tipper admits. “She can’t dance like she used to and the weight gain has caused her to be breathless whenever she exerts herself. People fear if she can’t breathe well enough she won’t be able to sing and perform.”

Janet Jackson Is Okay?

This story is absolutely disgusting. First, let me say that this is disgusting. “insider” is obviously no friend of Janet Jackson’s. It doesn’t take an expert to know that real friends don’t spread rumors about how you’ve “slacked off”On exercising. So, we seriously doubt this tipster has any insight into Jackson’s personal life or diet. Besides, it’s convenient timing that this insider is speaking up right after Jackson was spotted out and about for the first time in a year. Jackson is indeed. The Essence Festival will be headlined by the following artists this year, it doesn’t look like she has any qualms about performing.

It’s painfully obvious that the outlet just wanted to insult Jackson over her appearance and decided to concoct a story about her binge eating carbs. Jackson was wearing baggy clothes on her most recent outing, which is not surprising considering the fact that she’s covered in baggy clothes. Given her choice of attire, we truly don’t know if she’s gained a significant amount of weight or not. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if Jackson has gone up a couple of sizes. After everything Janet Jackson has had to deal with in her career, it’s low to push this narrative. It’s her body, so it’s absolutely none of the tabloid’s business.

Get More Body Shaming from The Magazine

Janet Jackson is far away from being the first star. National Enquirer This story is so offensive. Last year, the outlet claimed Gwen Stefani was worried about Blake Shelton’s “doughy” post-wedding body. Then the magazine reported Jack Nicholson’s friends feared he was becoming a “hefty hermit.”Recent reports also suggested that Kirsten Dunst was not recognisable after giving birth. The publication was obviously correct. Get in touch has something to say about any celebrity who changes their appearance.

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