Japanese Drone Company Launches New Hoverbike that Flys for 40 Minutes and Costs $680,000 


Imagine yourself riding a hoverbike on the streets. This is what a Japanese tech startup wants to make happen. 

It’s called the XTurismo Limited Edition, and it was created by a drone company that uses some of the same technology for its smaller flying devices.

It features a conventional engine and battery-powered motors that make it fly for 40 minutes at up to 100 kilometers per hour, or about 60 miles per hour.

To demonstrate its capabilities, the company held a demonstration on a Tokyo track. It isn’t as quiet as the other electric cars on market and doesn’t come at a cheap price. 

The XTurismo hoverbike is priced at 78 million yen (680,000), and the company claims it will need wealthy early adopters in order to realize its full potential. 

They hope that rescue teams will one day use them to reach difficult-to-access places. They also hope that the general public will one day be able to use them for their daily lives.