Jason Gaskell Is Leaving Below Deck Med? Find out his fate


It almost looks like it has anchors. Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Jason Gaskell.

The Sept. 26 episode ended with a heated discussion between Jason and Bosun. Storm SmithHis behavior towards the rest of his crew. Bravo gives us a sneak peek of the Oct. 3, episode. Jason is deciding what the future holds for the boat.

“Sometimes, it just doesn’t click, and it’s just not clicking,”Jason states in the clip that he didn’t intend to quit after joining the crew.

“If I’m that much of a f–king cancer to a situation, f–king end it for me,”He confesses. “I feel closer to the fish in the water than the deck crew.”

Storm makes the decision to talk with Captain, even though the crew is about to set sail on the latest charter. Sandy Yawn about what to do. Storm recalls the conversation with Jason and tells her. “I’m here to say, like, ‘When you’re in a good vibe, I really appreciate you. But the last three charters, you haven’t been, and it’s really affecting everyone.'”

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