Jason Sudeikis, Star of ‘Ted Lasso,’ Keeps His Tribute To Ex Olivia Wilde On Apple TV+ Series


Jason Sudeikis has just shared a touching nod to Olivia Wilde, his ex on the set Ted Lasso. He gave 60 MinutesNorah O’Donnell, host of Season 3, took a tour through the set during filming Season 3. She pointed out the names on lockers and explained that they were all taken form writers’ friends, mentors and former mentors. Wilde’s first surname was Cockburn. It will likely remain there even though Wilde and Wilde have split.

Sudeikis pointed out numbers and names above the lockers, while O’Donnell voice-over explained where they came from. Sudeikis provided a few examples showing where the names were drawn from in real life. However, he didn’t mention Wilde. The actress’ maiden name was noticed by fans who inferred it to be a reference. Since Sudeikis, who was married to Wilde at the beginning of the series, seems to have made this plausible.

Wilde’s name was still in the locker, which charmed fans. Ted LassoSeason 3. Season 3. According to reports, the couple split in November 2020. However, they didn’t confirm their separation until July 2021.

It is not clear what caused Sudeikis’ and Wilde to split, nor what terms they were on. Sudeikis told GQ That is why they split. “personal stuff, professional stuff, I mean, it’s all… that Venn diagram for me is very [circular], you know?”Later, he stated that he was still not clear on the reasons for the breakup and that only time could help him gain the perspective he needed.

Fans noticed similarities between Sudeikis’ breakup and Wildes’. Ted LassoFollow the show’s journey. Apple TV+’s comedy hero is positive and unflappable, refusing to allow life to get him down. But the audience learns from him that he’s struggling to accept his divorce.

Lasso also appears to be on good terms in the U.S. with his wife, Andrea Anders, via video chat. Sudeikis seems to indicate that Wilde and he are friendly with their locker room tribute and that they are committed to co-parenting. Wilde appears to be with pop star Harry Styles while Sudeikis is single.

Ted LassoSeasons 1 and 2, streaming on Apple TV+, are now. Season 3 is being shot now in the U.K. Season 3 is currently filming in the U.K.