Jay Cutler Breaks the Silence on Kristin’s Toxic’ Comments About Marriage


Jay Cutler finally called Kristin Cavallari and addressed her recent criticisms of their marriage. “comical.”Retired NFL quarterback Cavallari also couldn’t understand why Cavallari was speaking out about their marriage, as it had been more than two years since their split. Cavallari claimed earlier this month that their relationship was “perfect.” “toxic”She called off their 2011 engagement due to “red flags.”

During a appearance on the Sofia with an FPodcast: Cutler said to Sofia Franklin, that he tried to avoid answering Cavallari’s public comments. “I’ve got three kids. At some point they’re gonna read stuff, they’re gonna ask questions. So I’ve kinda steered clear of all of that,” Cutler said, via Yahoo! Yahoo! Entertainment. “If she wants to say stuff, she can say stuff. I’m not going to go down that road about her. She’s still the mother of my kids.”

Cutler, 39, stated that he couldn’t change Cavallari’s feelings about their time together. He believes that her feelings are valid. “changed over the course of the last 2 and 1/2 years.”Cutler can’t even understand why The HillsStar is now talking about their relationship. “But I also don’t understand: It’s been 2 and 1/2 years,”Franklin was told by he. “Why are we having these conversations in public? Like: Why are we doing this?”

The following are her most recent comments “comical”It “doesn’t make sense,” Cutler said. Cavallari can “say whatever she wants”If that’s the case, “the way she feels,”He said, but “What’s happened is what happened. … Come on, man. We’re done here.”

Cutler denied that he had ever cheated upon Cavallari, and didn’t believe the series. Very Cavallari She was a key player in their divorce. He believes she “fell out of love… if it was toxic. Depends on the day, I guess.”Cutler denied that he had also frozen Cavallari’s bank account. “I’m sure there will be a rebuttal for this… so we’ll stay tuned for that one,”Franklin was told by he.

Cavallari discussed her relationship with Cutler in an interview on the earlier part of this month. Call her Daddy podcast. She claimed that they briefly separated in 2011 but then rearranged their wedding. “red flags”She couldn’t ignore reports Page Six. “People don’t change, and you’ve got to trust your gut,”She agreed. Cavallari also said that it took “a few years”Before she could “pull the trigger”Filing for divorce. They had an “unhealthy relationship,”She described them as “simply wonderful.” “toxic.”She didn’t want their kids to see their relationship. “was normal.”

Cavallari and Cutler were married in June 2013. The couple has three children: sons Camden (9 years old), Jaxon (8 years old) and daughter Saylor (6 years). Cutler filed for divorce in April 2020. The two of them agreed to share custody of their children. After settling their financial issues, the divorce was finalized in June 2022. Cavallari lives and runs her business in Tennessee. James, Uncommon company and co-hosts the Go back to the beach podcast. Cutler also has his own podcast. Jay Cutler’s Uncut