Jay Leno is receiving treatment in the Hyperbaric Chamber to treat severe burns sustained in car fire.


Jay Leno is receiving treatment in a hyperbaric chamber following severe burns sustained in a car accident. The incident also caused significant injuries to the left arm and right hand. Exclusive footage from Inside Edition.

Leno had been working underneath a vehicle on Saturday when he suffered burns from a gasoline fire, Dr. Peter Grossman, Leno’s doctor, said during a press conference Wednesday.

Inside Edition is told by him that the hyperbaric chamber where the former was kept is now his. “Tonight Show”Host is being treated “helps decrease swelling, it helps increase blood flow with good oxygenation and it helps decrease bacteria.”

Leno also sustained burns to his chest, face and chest.

“He’s had skin grafts that are not his own, meaning the skin we have from a skin bank or a donor, that’s what we do as a first stage,”Grossman said that Leno would have another surgery later in the week.

Grossman described Leno’s condition as good, saying he is up, walking around and even cracking jokes.

Grossman says Leno also passed out cookies to the burn center’s young patients.

“They’ll (Leno’s scars) definitely be visible for the foreseeable future. We hope that in the future they will be minimal,”Grossman: “Visible or maybe not at all.”

He believes that Leno will one day be able return to work.

“As I’m getting to know Jay, I don’t think it’s gonna be months,”Inside Edition was informed by him. “I think he’s the kind of guy who’s just gonna move forward.”


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