Jay Shetty wants to help you meditate like a celeb


We recommend that you keep calm by heading to the Calm app.

Before you go on about how meditation has failed for you before, and how it doesn’t fit your schedule, what if you were able to be guided by one the most respected coaches in the wellness industry and be done in half the time it takes to make your morning coffee?

Jay ShettyA former monk, who became a popular motivational speaker. New York TimesBestseller author, host of the most listened-to health podcast and officiant Ben AffleckAnd Jennifer LopezHis second marriage was his second. He also holds the title of Chief Purpose officer of Calm. Calm is his home for his new daily content series.

The Daily Jay has been created to help anyone and everyone start a new meditation and mindfulness habit, anywhere at any time,”Shetty spoke to E! News. “It’s seven minutes a day that you can do while you’re on the move, while you’re folding your laundry, while you’re making your bed, while you’re doing the dishes.”

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