Jay-Z And Beyonce Reportedly Dodging Kanye West’s Desperate Attempts To See Them, Gossip Says


Is Kanye West begging Jay-Z for a double date? One report says he wanted Julia Fox to mingle with Beyoncé, but the “Crazy in Love” singers have rebuked him. Gossip Cop investigates.

Kanye West ‘Iced Out By The Carters’?

According to Life & Style, West is pleading with Jay-Z and Beyoncé up for a double date. He and Fox have dated for a few months now, but the Carters are not ready to share their spotlight just yet. “They are very picky about who they spend their time with, and they aren’t going to just open the gates for Julia,” a source says.

West just doesn’t understand. “The problem is that Kanye can’t take a hint,” the source concludes. “He’s all fired up about becoming this new power foursome and bombarding them with invites to dinner, so it’s super awkward.”

Private Versus Public

It’s true that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are deliberate with their public appearances and support. Every Instagram photo and music video is carefully curated to maximize their platform, but that’s nothing personal with the Uncut Gems star. The Carters have rightfully kept a distance away from West recently. While Jay-Z did appear on Donda, he hasn’t been on the frontlines supporting his protege in years.

There are two central reasons why Gossip Cop thinks this story is hogwash. First, Jay-Z and Beyoncé aren’t the types of people whose friends would talk to Life & Style. This so-called source claims to know information that only the Carters would know.

Second, and more telling, West is publicly falling apart. He’s lashing out at everyone from Billie Eilish to Pete Davidson, then posting Instagram messages begging for Kardashian to take him back.

If he’s really “bombarding them with invites,” then he would’ve spoken about it all too publicly. Where Jay-Z keeps his private life private, West lives nearly every moment in the spotlight. However, these points are all moot given that West is now without a date. The most recent meltdown seems to have been the last straw for Julia Fox. Her representative confirmed that she split from the rapper earlier this week. Here’s hoping West can find peace.

Rough Reputation

Life & Style believed West and Kardashian would get divorced in 2019, but they would stick it out well over a year after that story. Gossip Cop also busted its report about West and Kardashian reconciling after six months. As much as West wishes this happened, it did not.

To really see how little this tabloid knows about its subjects, shortly after the divorce it announced Kardashian was either dating an NFL star or Van Jones. Davidson doesn’t work for NFL or CNN, so that report was totally made up. West isn’t exactly tactful with his demands, so this story of ignored calls doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

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