Jay-Z Follows Beyonce on Instagram, Promoted ‘The Harder They Fall,’Then deletes your account a day later


Jay-Z joined Instagram last week, but only followed Beyonce. Jay-Z posted one image, which was a movie poster to promote the Netflix movie he produced. “The Harder They Fall.”One day after joining the social media network, he deleted it. Billboard reported.

His account gained over 1.5 million followers, including his wife, in just a few hours, before the “Renegade”The service was left by the rapper NME reported.

The “Run This Town”A countdown was also posted by emcee “The Harder They Fall” on his Instagram Stories which, Beyonce re-shared, ET reported.

Jay-Z seems to have a love/hate relationship on social media platforms. Billboard reported that in 2015, he did open an Instagram account under the handle, @hovsince96.

Jay-Z had an amazing week, not only because he joined and then left Instagram. Jay-Z was then inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On Wednesday night, he hosted the premiere party in New York City. “The Harder They Fall,”The event featured a performance from Jadakiss.

Jay-Z, a Twitter user that he rarely uses and does not follow anyone, tweeted the first time since March to praise his mentor JAZ-O. This was after his induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He also laughed at himself by claiming he would forget his password again.

“In my excitement, I failed to prize, and acknowledge JAZ-O, he was the hometown hero that made the dream tangible . Thank you good man… ok let me lose this password for another year or so. Thank you all again, incredibly humbled by your love,”He wrote.