Jeff Bridges, a cancer survivor, has a message for the immunocompromised who are concerned about COVID


Jeff Bridges has overcome some huge health struggles over the past few years, but the actor is looking towards the future—and delivering a message to the immunocompromised who are working to avoid COVID-19. 

Bridges’ Cancer Battle Led To A Serious COVID Case

In 2020, Bridges announced that he had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Bridges underwent chemotherapy. His cancer quickly went away. Bridges was soon diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Bridges became immunocompromised after he was diagnosed with the disease shortly after his last chemotherapy session. The actor spent five days in hospital recuperating. 

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“COVID … hit me pretty hard because that chemo I was getting stripped me of my immune system,” Bridges spoke in an interview with Up The AntibodiesA campaign to raise awareness about the dangers that immunocompromised patients still face. “Turns out that COVID made my cancer look like a piece of cake.”

He continued, “So the COVID knocked me out. It was a bizarre experience. Everybody was in these blue gowns with masks on and reflective visors. It was like being in The Twilight Zone, you know, very bizarre.”

‘Not Everybody Understands What It Feels Like To Be Immunocompromised’

Jeff Bridges recovered, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet. His immune system was still weak so interacting with others could be dangerous. “Friends would have to sit far away, outside or something, and we would talk,”The actor explained. “And I’m a pretty tactile person. I like hugging and stuff, so we couldn’t do much of that. Well, none of that.”

“Not everybody understands what it feels like to be immunocompromised and what people are going through right now,”Bridges shared. Even though the actor has recovered, he is still immunocompromised—but that’s not holding him back.

The Shot That’s Helping Bridges Feel Safe From COVID

Bridges received an EVUSHELD injection which combines the COVID-19 vaccine with it to offer extra support for people with weakened immune system. Bridges, along with others immunocompromised, have found it much easier to return to daily life. 

“For people like me who are immunocompromised, wow, it makes all the difference,” He spoke of the injection. “I’m a guy who likes to hug people and see my family and that’s not that unusual I don’t think. This allows me to, you know, be a little more confident that I’m going to be all right when I do those things.”

Bridges’ partnership with Up The Antibodies is shedding light on the struggles immunocompromised people still face and providing solutions for those with weak immune systems who are ready to get back to a more normal life. 

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