Jeffery Dahmer’s Father Lionel Dahmer Claims He Forgot Warning Signs In Dr. Phil Interview


Dr. Phil gives insight into Jeffrey Dahmer’s mad mind. The three-part Dr. Phil special on serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer features an exclusive interview with Dahmer’s father, Lionel. 

“At first, I couldn’t fathom how he turned out to be this far down the continuum. I mean, we’re all on a continuum, we all do bad things, we all sin,” Lionel tells Dr. Phil. “He was at the extreme of the continuum. i couldn’t at first understand how he could have done those things.” 

Inside Edition: Dr. Phil explains to Inside Edition how he and his colleagues discovered the sandworm. “a treasure trove of information and insights” in the interview he conducted with Dahmer’s father. And though Lionel Dahmer was shocked by his son’s crimes, Dr. Phil says the serial killer’s dad was not shocked by the fact that Jeffrey Dahmer was different. 

“He knew that his fixation on these dead animals and dissecting them was not normal, but he admits that he missed warning signs,”He said.  

The Dr. Phil special is set in the aftermath of Lionel Dahmer’s blockbuster Netflix series, which featured him introducing his son to taxidermy. It is suggested that Dahmer may have been triggered by the idea of experimenting on dead animals at an insecure age.   

Dr. Phil interviews also the sister and victim of Dahmer who famously unloaded upon the killer during his sentencing in 1992. 

“What did you feel a presence when you looked him in the eye?”Dr. Phil questions the woman. 

“That I was face to face with Satan himself,”She replies.


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