Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Says She Was Repeatedly Raped While Trapped on His Private Island


A Jeffrey Epstein accuser is speaking out to Inside Edition, saying the disgraced tycoon repeatedly raped her when she traveled to his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands when she was 22 years old.

Sarah Ransome also had harsh words for Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, who is now on trial for sex trafficking.

“Ghislaine needs to be behind bars for the rest of her life,” Ransome said. 

Although she’s not one of the alleged victims testifying, Ransome showed up on the first day of Maxwell’s trial. She’s written a book about her experiences titled, “Silenced No More.”

“When I arrived on the island, my phone was taken. I wasn’t allowed a camera. My passport was taken, and that’s when the rape started,” says Ransome, adding that Ghislaine was the “enforcer” who “controlled everything.” 

Ransome says she was trapped on the island and once even tried to swim to freedom.

“I felt at the time, I was either going to die on the island or I was going to die trying to escape,” Ransome said. “But I couldn’t get down because of the rocks, and the waves were crashing. And I was swiftly brought back by Ghislaine and crew.”

Ransome settled a lawsuit with Epstein and Maxwell in 2018, which she now says she regrets.

“Hopefully one day, I will have my moment with Ghislaine where I look at her straight in the eyes and she looks at me straight in the eyes. Because we know what happened. She knows and I know,” Ransome said.

Another accuser took the stand Tuesday in federal court, testifying that from ages 14-18, she gave Epstein over 100 sexualized massages that were allegedly set up by Maxwell.

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty and denied all allegations of wrongdoing.