‘Jellyfish Hair’ Is Trending And It’s Like A Mullet On Steroids


Recent trends include mullet-inspired and shag hairstyles. Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus popularized the wolf haircut—a combination of a shag, bob, and mullet. Then there’s the shullet, which as the name suggests is a mash-up of the classic ’70s shag and the ’80s mullet.

Now, there’s a new mullet-esque style that’s been trending all over social media, and it’s absolutely out of this world. It has elements of the hime haircut—aka the anime cut—that took over the internet last year. This style was popularized in Japan. It features straight side-locks that reach the cheeks and a frontal fringe, while the rest of your hair is long and straight.

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This latest trend is called jellyfish hair, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Social media is the main source of hairstyle trends these days. Jellyfish hair is no exception. This new style, described as a mix of a mullet and a hime, is making waves in the beauty industry after it became a popular countercultural style in countries like Tokyo, London and Taiwan.

So what is jellyfish hair? It’s exactly as it sounds—a multi-layered, blunt hairstyle that looks like the sea creature it’s named after. You can achieve the jellyfish silhouette by letting the bottom layer at the nape be cut in a 360-degree bob.

While the under layer can be worn straight, some people curl it. For a striking contrast of color, the jellyfish hairstyle can be worn with an under layer that is a different color from the bob.

This social media trend was introduced to the public by Nicole Kidman, who wore the look on the August 2022 cover. Perfect Magazine. However, her under layer was left much thicker than the images we’ve seen on Instagram and seems more reminiscient of traditional hime cuts.

Although this trend may not be for everyone, we love the bold colors and the edgy style that the women who opt to wear it. The jellyfish hairstyle is also easy to transition to a more classic style, unlike some trendy hairstyles, which can be extremely difficult to grow out.

Hair is a creative outlet, and we can’t wait to see what edgy style makes waves next.

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