Jen Psaki’s Husband And Their Life In Politics


In November 2020, President Biden made it clear that his White House Communications Team would be completely composed of women. White House Press Secretary is one of these women. Jen Psaki. Psaki, then 42 years old, was praised for her professionalism and approach to her high-pressure job. Since then, we’ve become more curious about her personal life. Who is Jen Psaki’s husband, Gregory Mecher, and how did this political powerhouse couple come to be?

Greg Mecher: Who are you?

Jen Psaki is a well-known name because of her role as White House Press secretary. However, Gregory Mecher has had a similar career.

While Mecher got his bachelor’s degree in communications and television production in 1999, he was still in college when he first dipped his toes into politics. While Mecher was at Northern Kentucky University, he was also the “student representative to the Board of Regents.” A classmate from the Board of Regents scored him an internship from 1999 to 2005 with Congressman Ken Lucas who represented Kentucky’s 4th district. Mecher said that this internship helped him realize his destiny in politics.

He and Psaki had already tied the knot. Mecher served as the chief of staff to Steve Driehaus (Ohio Democratic Representative). Mecher also served as the Chief of Staff for Joe Kennedy III, a Massachusetts congressman.

Jen Psaki Wed Greg Mecher in 2006

Psaki met Mecher in 2006 when they worked together at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Psaki was appointed in the communications division while Mecher was deputy finance director.

The pair’s first interaction was over the phone. Psaki was who. in her wordsIt has “no sense of direction”Mecher was not given the correct directions to work. Psaki was concerned that her coworkers would be upset about the mixup. Mecher claims that he fell in love with her at first sight, and that he forgot all about it. 

Mecher got the courage to invite her to dinner in September 2006. They became friends and soon began to live together. Psaki, however, made a significant career change in the early part of 2007, and she moved to Chicago to work for Obama’s presidential campaign.

Psaki and Mecher had a difficult, long-distance relationship for the next year and a quarter. Psaki was constantly on the go and could not be reached by phone at night because of his busy schedule. This took its toll on their relationship, as is to be expected. Mecher says that they are now in a difficult place. “The longest we went without seeing each other was 36 days. And I counted. And it was long. And it was hard.”They never thought of breaking up. 

After the 2008 election, Mecher and Psaki moved in together. Mecher proposed just a few months later. They were married on a Maryland farm in May 2010 and made it official.

They have two children together

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly had an effect on employment—especially for working mothers. Psaki and Biden Administration felt that it was important for Americans that working mothers were seen in leadership roles after the pandemic. Psaki & Mecher are proud parents of a six year old daughter and three-year-old boy.

Psaki believes that her public role of working mom is a representation that matters. She shared the following: POPSUGAR, “I would say one of the biggest contributions we can all make is showing other women who may be at the stage where they haven’t yet had kids, or they’re contemplating it, that this is possible. That it is not because you’re talking about it every day — although that is certainly part of the conversation — but because we are making it feel like you don’t have to choose.”

Psaki is a natural leader and has the perfect partner in her husband. Talk about a power couple.

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