Jen Shah was Arrested by the ‘RHOSLC Cast


Jen Shah’s arrest aftermath and how it affected her Salt Lake City’s Real HousewivesCo-stars had to deal with the news that the fashionista, who was a label-totting fashionista, was arrested for fraud. This happened during the Bravo series’ Nov. 14 episode. Shah’s charges are not surprising, according to reports. Shah, a college football wife and mother of two, is charged with conspiracy to commit wirefraud in connection to telemarketing. Shah and her longtime assistant are accused of victimizing at least 10 people over the age 55, out of hundreds of thousands. Shah is likely to spend between 8 and 10 years in prison if she is convicted. 

Last week’s episode ended in Sha calling her co-stars to inform them that Sharif, her husband was being treated for internal bleeding. Shah was lying, it turned out. The SWAT team from Homeland Security and Homeland Security arrived shortly after and asked Shah’s crew whereabouts. The arrest was later confirmed by online reports.

After sharing the news with each other, and Lisa Barlow calling six attorneys to discuss how she should handle the situation, they all revealed that they were less shocked than expected.

“I have had a lot of questions around Jen’s lifestyle,”Whitney Rose admits. “It intrigues me where she gets all of her money and all of her things from…How does she get her money?”Rose’s cousin Heather Gay said during the Season 1 reunion special she didn’t know what Shah did for work. Shah says she owns several digital marketing companies. 

“Her life didn’t make sense to me and how much money she had,” Rose continued. “But I did not think it would be something like this, I thought she had a sugar daddy or something.”

Meredith Marks shares the same sentiments with Rose when Meredith calls her. “Honestly I’m not surprised by this,”Meredith admits that she shocked all four women. “Too many things didn’t add up and I suspected that something was going on for a while. And now it’s like validated that I was right, I’m not crazy.”

Marks then shares some shocking news with them. She alleges Shah stole a handbag she purchased from her shop. “red flagged”Louis Vuitton “because she pays cash.”

Shah is not seen getting arrested. Bravo however shows doorbell camera footage of NYPD officers and Homeland Security personnel raiding Shah’s home with rifles drawn. Shah’s son, one of whom is shown getting escorted out with his hands raised in the air.