Jen Zenisek, an Army Veteran, stepped in to help victims of the Waukesha Parade tragedy


There were several fatalities and dozens were injured when a suspect drove an SUV through marchers of the Waukesha Holiday Parade last weekend.

But, before authorities arrived, concerned citizens jumped into action to help. Jen Zenisek, for example, reportedly fled toward the danger.

“It’s all I knew what to do,”She explained. “I just knew I got to help.”

Jen, a veteran of the Army, stated that she checked the pulses and was ready to use her CPR training and medical training until further assistance could be provided.

She stated that community is the most important thing in this Wisconsin town of 72,000 people.

“I know we’re going to come together,”She said. “I know we’re going to put our prayers together, and we’re gonna support all those that were affected and that were injured and those that lost their lives.”

We will all support them because they have immediate needs.”

Jen is no longer a soldier, but she says helping people is still her calling. “You may not be able to continue active duty.” she added, “However, I am still a Veteran and I still keep my Honor Code.”

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